Variable Refrigerant Flow

AC Systems offers a full line of Variable Refrigerant Flow products through Mitsubishi, please contact us for more details

Low-rise Multi-zone

The uses for low-rise, multi-zone buildings vary with practically no two buildings being alike in terms of configuration and tenant comfort needs. 

High-rise Multi-zone

You need large capacities to service a great number of floors, but you also need the flexibility to treat each floor and zone within a floor independently.

Office Building

Office buildings come in all shapes and sizes and so do their HVAC needs. But, from a low-rise building to a high-rise, building owners and tenants share common challenges…


Mixed-use buildings are some of the most challenging buildings to keep comfortable. With the wide variety of environments – from retail to office to living…

Multi-tenant Dwelling

Multi-tenant buildings come in all shapes and sizes and so do their HVAC needs. But, from low-rise townhomes to a high-rise condo building or dorm, building owners and tenants share common challenge

Historic Renovation

Historic buildings can present significant challenges when adding or updating an HVAC is part of the renovation. They often lack the space for ductwork…

Quiet Spaces

When it comes to operating at near-silent levels, no other HVAC system outperforms Mitsubishi Electric VRF and split-zoning solutions.

Light Industrial

In light industrial applications, the needs of the office and warehousing or manufacturing portions of a building are quite different.

Data Center

Precisely controlling the environment in your data center is critical to maximizing availability and performance of essential equipment.

Renovation and Addition

When a homeowner undertakes a renovation or addition to their home, they want to create welcoming and inviting spaces…


Mitsubishi VRF Product Line