For more than 60 years, Swegon has developed products and systems for energizing indoor climate with optimal life cycle cost in focus.

What we offer is neither visible nor perceptible, yet our successful solutions produce environments where people can enjoy comfortable levels of temperature and air quality. Since each breath affects everyone’s wellbeing and efficiency, air quality is a good investment.

Swegon is part of listed Latour Group and market leader in energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems.

Business is run in five different business areas with 1 850 employees in Europe, North America and Asia. The Group had a turnover of approximately SEK 3.5 billion in 2015.

The Indoor Climate Company
At Swegon we take indoor climate quality very seriously and our ambition is to be one of the leading suppliers of indoor climate to our customers. Our approach is to continue developing innovative ventilation products with intelligence, so that they can communicate and, hence, be combined into efficient indoor climate systems well adopted to various types of applications.

Swegon’s ultimate aim is to work for the health and comfort of people in buildings, as well as deliver the optimal indoor climate solutions with the lowest possible life cycle cost to building owners.

Business Idea
Swegon will deliver smart products and system solutions that create a good indoor climate and contribute to significant energy savings.

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of indoor climate to our customers. By delivering the optimal indoor climate solutions with the lowest possible life cycle cost and by being close to our customers and understanding their individual needs we want to claim the position as The Indoor Climate Company.

Website: http://swegonnorthamerica.com


Swegon Gold ERV

GOLD North America enables designers to re-think system design to significantly improve comfort, reduce operating costs, and maximize usable space. Its extra small footprint and ultralow sound levels make it possible to place air handling units in non-traditional spaces such as in close proximity to occupied rooms. With GOLD, designers can reap the full benefits of decentralized system design. In addition to maximizing usable space, decentralized design also allows smaller plenums and shafts (smaller ducts), individual tenant metering, flexible tenant time scheduling and reduced sound and energy consumption. Combining both unit and controls optimization, GOLD provides unparalleled energy efficiency levels, reliable operation, and fast commissioning.

This state-of-the-art technology is widely recognized in Europe and is now here in North America

RX Model: The GOLD RX (above) is Swegon’s standard all-in-one air handling unit with direct-driven supply air and return air fans, supply air and return air filters and a rotary heat exchanger.

PX Model: The GOLD PX model has all the same features found in our RX model but utilizes a plate type heat exchanger for a more complete separation of supply and exhaust airstreams. Swegon’s
advanced controls optimize heat recovery while avoiding frost issues.

SD Model: The GOLD SD model includes a run around coil for heat recovery. It allows the designer to ensure complete separation of supply and return airflows. It also allows multiple supply and exhaust airstreams to be connected with the AHUs in different locations in the building.