Reversomatic is one of the leading kitchen and bathroom fan manufacturers in Canada since 1972, for residential, commercial and industrial exhaust fans and systems. We are Canada's leader in the high-rise condominium market, and we also have the most extensive product line of fans.

Reversomatic fan manufacturer has a variety of kitchen range hoods both standard sized and customized, and washroom fans for single and double bathrooms. We also manufacture fans a variety of dryer booster fans, in-line fans, general exhaust and intake fans and blowers, through the wall fans, garage fans, pressurization fans, tube axial fans, high pressure blowers, and up-blast fans, etc. We have a complete line of accessories, all types of wall boxes, lint traps, and balance boxes. In addition, we have all types of exhaust and intake hoods.

Reversomatic manufacture fans with CSA, UL, HVI, Energy Star, AMCA and California Energy Commission approvals as herein noted in catalogue. Ratings of Reversomatic fans are published in our catalogue for each series featured.

These ratings are the findings of AMCA, HVI, our own laboratory where we conduct our own performance tests as well as other independent sources and are warranted as true and correct. Effects of wind velocity, altitude, tunnel and condominiums were considered for the design of these fans.

Reversomatic fan manufacturer are equipped with efficient quiet running, trouble free motors and fan blade designed especially for each series. All components are accessible for easy maintenance.

Reversomatic fan manufacturer warrants it will provide a replacement part of its fans found to be defective in material or workmanship for a period of one year for commercial fans and two years for residential fans from date of purchase for first user, F.O.B. our plant. Economy fans one year. This warranty does not apply to labor costs involved in replacement or reinstallation, diagnostic service, cleaning and adjustment or transportation. Furthermore warranty is only applicable when reversomatic replacement parts and accessories are used.

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