Franklin Control Systems

Franklin Control Systems is a leader in the manufacturing of motor controls for HVAC, pump and industrial markets. Products include variable speed drives, building automation starters, soft starters, motor control components and related accessories. We strive for constant growth and improvement via lean organization practices, innovation, consistency, and excellent service.

Products: Starters, Soft Starters, Drives, VFD Bypass Packages, Accessories, Cooling Tower Controls



Q-Link Variable Frequency Drive

The Q-link Variable Frequency Drive provides a revolutionary user experience through intuitive smartphone operation. The Q-link connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and allows for guided start-up, automated reports, in-app support, and more. It provides an array of inputs and outputs including damper control. Native communications include BACnet and Modbus. The Q-link uses R³ Filtering – a sophisticated filtering algorithm – to reduce harmonic distortion and provide equivalent performance to an AC line reactor, without the added cost.