Chilled Beams & Induction

The movement toward sustainable building designs is being driven largely by environmentally-sensitive building owners and/or their prospective tenants.

There are also heightened concerns about assuring a proper indoor environment at all times and at all conditions for the building occupants. In addition to providing temperature control, a fully effective HVAC system must also address many other issues that affect occupant comfort, productivity and health such as ventilation air, air distribution, humidity control, noise levels, etc.

As owners and their consultants weigh their HVAC system alternatives, they often find that active chilled beam systems are the ideal “green” solution for many buildings. Indeed, active chilled beam systems are often key to meeting the new energy efficiency requirements of the Federal Energy Policy Act and/or local codes being adopted by many states and municipalities.

There is a persuasive overall economic argument for the use of active chilled beam systems over other of the more conventional HVAC systems. While relatively new in North America, active chilled beam systems are proven and very popular in Europe, Australia and elsewhere. More importantly, it has been proven in other parts of the world that “building green” does not necessarily mean “building expensive”

DADANCO Chilled Beams

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