A-J Manufacturing

Since 1924, A-J Manufacturing has specialized in standard and made-to-order stainless steel air outlets for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. Today we are proud to say that A-J is the industry leader in custom and standard stainless steel air distribution products for those industries specializing in critical environments.

Today, A-J is a lean, just-in-time, manufacturer, and the company continues to produce some of the world’s best commercial stainless steel HVAC products with a strong emphasis on products specifically designed for sterile environments. A-J remains a strong presence in the HVAC industry, and continues to grow and diversify its products, many of which are featured in the world’s most successful hospitals, laboratories and commercial buildings today.

Products: stainless steel supply grilles, return grilles, hinged/removable grilles, perimeter slot diffusers, flat radial diffusers, hinged radial diffusers, hemispherical radial diffusers, and laminar flow diffusers.

Website: www.ajmfg.com