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Company Overview

AC Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1971 as a manufacturer’s representative of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. AC Systems, Inc. provides full service to the plan and specification/design build market (consulting engineers and contractors) and the industrial market (end users). AC Systems, Inc. utilizes a 21,000 sq. ft. office warehouse facility with 16 employees (11 sales engineers/5 office personnel) generating between $18 and $20 Mil in sales annually. Our sales Engineers have engineering degrees from Missouri Institute of Science & Technology, Washington University, University of Colorado, Michigan State University, Penn State University, Cornell University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Southern Illinois – Carbondale.  We have three professional engineers, two Ph. D.s, and four M.S.s on our staff. We know our systems, their applications, and can assist you in solving your problems.


AC Systems Service

In 2008, AC Systems Service was created in order to help support the applied equipment we were selling. Our service crew does start up jobs, covers first year warranty parts and preventative maintenance contracts. Since 2008, we have grown our service department to include 7 technicians and 1 manager. 

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